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Christopher makes West Coast Swing look easy and it is certainly not. That is the true mark of an exceptional dancer and instructor. His love and enthusiasm for the dance will capture you and delight your soul. I learn so much from him and consider him the best instructor I have ever had in the dance industry.


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Christopher really taught me to enjoy the dance! His motto is "Anything in life that you really like should be truly enjoyed." He taught me to enjoy the moments between the beats and to relax while exhibiting proper posture.  Now I know what WCS was truly meant to be.


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Christopher has one of the best connections you will experience with WCS. He teaches you that connection is more than just physical it is also emotional and mental. Once you connect with your partner on this level your dance will be imbued with grace, power and movement that will truly stir the soul .



It can be difficult to find a trustworthy and reliable Dance Instructor who offers classes at a variety of levels and at affordable prices. That’s where I come in! To find out more about learning with me, see what some of my students have to say.

You are loved jpg.jpg

Christopher is AMAZING! I love his standard of Dance and Dress and Groom! He dances with such style and grace that is breathtaking. He teaches you as the student to do the same. I have really learned to enjoy what I am doing and that my uniqueness is what I bring to the WCS world.


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Christopher is the most patient and kind instructor that I have ever met. He taught me that I am unique and that quality is what sets me apart in this wonderful world of WCS. Christopher has me dancing at a level I never thought I would achieve.


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If you want to really learn WCS with a very high standard of excellence then Christopher is the man! He has taught me such grace, power and connection in this wonderful genre of dance. He has also taught me that dress and groom is paramount to your confidence and presentation.


More Testimonials

You are the bomb!

That is definitely one of your gifts, & I am proud & thoroughly delighted to be your student.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SWEETIE!!! You are a magnificent teacher!

Kimberly Crose

Thank you! You are an awesome teacher! Grateful for the experience.

Christine Manning

Ty Christopher! Your a great instructor and nice group. Grateful

Tom Bennington

Christopher,Thank you! A Tremendous compliment  coming from an amazing dancer like you! Best

Stacey Keating

Had a great time. Thank you for being so supportive! Super fun. Definitely going to practice!

Katherine Fazzinga

I want to be a Westie dancer. That is my goal. I'm going to do it with your awesome help. I want to just say THANK YOU!!! I'm really grateful that you are so willing to share your expertise. THANK YOU! THANK YOU!

B Sarrica 

I took WCS lessons from other instructors but never got it. It wasn't until I took lessons with Christopher that I not only understood WCS I FELL IN LOVE WITH IT! WHAT A MASTERFUL TEACHER YOU ARE! I love wcs!

Freya T

I was just about to give up on West Coast Swing. I was sure I could not get this dance, then I met Christopher. Not only did he teach me WCS I fell in love with it! In one lesson with Christopher I learned more about wcs in 3 weeks of classes at a different dance company. 

Christopher often gets more excited about you getting the dance than you do yourself. It is just encourages me to get it and own it! I LOVE THIS INSTRUCTOR! 

G Johnson 

I saw Christopher's wcs class on meetup and decided to give it a try. I have never danced wcs before and really did not know what is was. My first class with Christopher he taught me sugar push, right side pass, left side pass, and styling all in ONE LESSON! All I can say is WOW! He is a magnificent instructor for a very affordable price. I take lessons at 2 of his locations.

T Griffin

There is so much to say about how great the West Coast Swing Classes are with Christopher. I have learned so many nuances of wcs. I have improved so much in such a short period of time. I have to say Christopher taught me that wcs is fun and should be enjoyed!

R Caputo

Thanks again for our private lessons! So much fun. And tremendous skill. Have a great day

H Hude

Wow, we keep hearing about Physics and now Mechanics!  West Coast must be all about Engineering!

Excellent session this eve.  Thanks Christopher


Hi Christopher, I have a conflict this Friday and probably won't be able to make class. But I think you're a wonderful teacher and I love your class. I intend to attend regularly and have hope that you'll get me doing West Coast Swing. Best, Pam

You put the Rhumba in our hearts, Salsa in our steps, & Merenga in our soul, & top it off with a whopping dollop of West Coast Swing to keep the party going!!!


K Cross

We loved our recent lesson it was really thorough. Your love for the dance it's just wonderful.

P Hude

I certainly miss you as a greatest west coast teacher in this area. I'm sure I will take your lessons sometime in the future. I wish you great luck!

G Jones 

 I think I really need privates in order to advance, but we'll see how I do next Friday. Love your classes, Christopher, you're a wonderful teacher.

S Dover

Thank you so much! You're awesome. I really appreciate how you break it down and explain the moves. It is clear that your love of dance has no boundaries. 

C Bugart 

Thanks for the encouraging words. You're a great teacher!

P Gunthrie

Two instructors introduced me to wcs years ago.  I continued to learn from them for over a year.  After pandemic, I tried a few lessons and decided to quit.  I felt uncomfortable to go to those social dances.  Since I started learning from you, I went back to their social dances twice and enjoyed both times.  I found a HUGE transformation on me.  I was not scared to be asked by "good" leaders any more.  Thank you for teaching us all those secrets to be successful.  I'm surprised for not knowing short arm length is such a great tip before.  You have changed my views on west coast swing completely.   Thank you again.   You truly are the best West Coast Swing Dance teacher in the Hudson Valley.

D Simmons

Thanks so much for being such a diligent and inspiring teacher. Have a great day.

H Hude

Thank you for the great class. So happy to dance with my partner and both of us be taught WCS by you!  You are an awesome teacher! Now we know how to do a proper whip. See you next week

Rachel D 

Thanks, Christopher. I love your classes and I agree that the privates will accelerate my growth. See you Friday.

P Seymore

Of course!!! We fell in love with WCS because of you! Can’t wait to learn more!

J Castellanos

Was great working with you as always, you are the best West Coast Swing teacher! And it was so lovely to watch you and Bobbie dance together. It just makes me smile whenever I think of it. Have a great holiday. 

P Cunningham

I was taking lessons with a different dance studio and the instructor only wanted to teach me the basics. I wanted to grow and was highly recommended to Christopher's Dance Studio. I joined Christopher's classes and on day one I learned more in 1 hour than 3 months with the other studio. I am AMAZED at the progress I have made in such a short time. I LOVE HIS CLASSES! If you want to really grow in wcs Christopher is the best choice in this area!

We plan on coming to learn more we had a great time ! YOU ARE AN AMAZING TEACHER!

Thank you! Have a great day

S Hicks

Great class today! I really like the bow tie pattern! You are my favorite teacher ever! YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! So fun. Thank you

T Griffin

I have learned so much in your class within 1 month that I have learned taking years of lessons at another studio. You really believe in assisting your students in becoming the best WCS dancers they can be! A TRUE AMAZING TEACHER!!!

K Schaffer

Thank your for teaching me WCS you are such a great teacher who has technique and passion. I am sure I will learn much more from you in the new year. It is so wonderful to meet a teacher that truly has a passion for what he does and to know that is his driving force.

S Powell 

I love WCS!!! Jay too! Thanks to you and your brilliant teaching! It is nice to have an instructor that truly sets the example of excellence in dance!

Hey there!.You hosted a wonderful dance last week! I had so much fun! You are an AMAZING dancer! I look forward to classes and it was very nice how you danced with everyone!

S Curry

That was a very intense and spot on lesson. You completely nailed the level we're at and what we needed. Thank you.

T Bradley

Hey Christopher 

It was nice to see you last Friday evening. Your classes are always fun and informative. You are a very patient instructor. I didn't get a chance to say hi to Tori so please say hi and wish her well in her competition for me. Also please let me know when and where her competition is and let me know if I can support her in any way. 


Stan W


Thank you for holding such a beautiful social dance tonight. I had so much fun especially seeing so many friends. You have done a great job building a nice WCS community.

G Patton

Thank you! I had so much fun, and I can't wait to keep learning! You are a great dancer and teacher! 


Christopher, I'm missing everyone and especially my WCS favorite instructor I still have training this week and I don't believe I will be able to attend the class on Monday or have my one on one with the best Hudson Valley instructor on Tuesday. Please don't forget your favorite WCS student. (I won't tell and neither should you tell the rest of your students that I am your favorite student)LOL!!! I reeeally miss it.  Please don't give up my spot on Tuesday. I'm really sorry that I'm letting you know so late 


Thank you Christopher! It was honor to learn and participate in your class, and I look forward to this coming Friday. In the following weeks we hope to make it to Monday classes too. 

M Bronte

So great to be dancing many wonderful great to learn. Best. 


Thank you for a wonderful lesson today! I learn so much from you and it makes me so happy! Today I felt so good to follow everything that you led! Woohoooooo! I love ya!

N King 


See hi Chris! So glad I discovered ur dances- love the music too! I look forward to attending your dance social Monday! Have a good day!


Christopher, Everyone loved today’s class. Your energy is absolutely contagious! I already had two people tell me they will be signing up for your SummerFest class! I hope we can get a big room for this! And I may be able to go to the dance on the 24th and have another person who couldn’t make today’s class who wants to go, too!

Bard College

Thank you for hosting such a wonderful social dance tonight. Your West Coast Swing Dance Socials are by far the best! Love the WCS Dance Competition Simulations.


Wow!! Well, I am glad they found you!! I'm sure they had an absolute blast in your class. You have developed such a wonderful following, Sweetie, & none of it was given to you. You earned every student that has walked into your class. Through dedication, hard work, & being absolutely adorable, you have a large & loyal following, & it's getting bigger every day.


Thanks for the kind words. It was fun getting to learn from you! You're a knowledgeable teacher. I look forward to taking lessons from you again when I am back in town.

John T

I live in PA and there are 2 people I like to visit in NY, my daughter and you and your classes! YOU ARE THE BEST WCS TEACHER EVER!

D Whittman


A Marie

AWESOME!!! ​AWESOME!!! ​AWESOME!!! class. Thank you


It was really a great class. Thank you so much. I felt very connected to the dance. Gillian thought the same thing.



Your classes are AMAZING! It was shows that you love teaching us. It was really a great class. Thank you so much.



I saw Paul and Helen at Jean's social last Sunday. They told me how much they enjoy your lessons. They said you are the only person that has ever taught them proper posture and styling.


Hi Chris,

We had a great time at the dance social!  I think I have Mark hooked now!  Hahaha

We love taking dance lessons with you! Your dedication to making your students the best wcs dancers they can be cannot be matched.Thanks for offering the great dance opportunities in Red Hook!

Stacey K,

Thank you. It's so much fun tonight, Christopher by far you have the BEST WCS DANCE SOCIALS IN THE HUDSON VALLEY! The food, ambiance, beginner class, music and MAGNIFICENT DANCING!!! I LOVE IT!!!! LOVE YOU!!!

Rose M

I really enjoy your classes! I have to say I didn't really learn WCS until I met you! I will treasure what you have taught me and use it when I compete. I know we will bump into each other at events. Have a great day Christopher!



K Backman

I went to a live band east coast swing social last night and saw Tori.  You would be proud of her if you were there.   She could dance with anyone beautifully, old or young/ good or bad leaders, with lot of concepts you taught in the class. I complimented her and she credited all to you.  She never formally took east coast swing lessons only the short full lessons offered before the socials. 


Thanks we had a great time a lot of fun. I can't believe how well everyone dances a testament to your teaching! You are a true blessing to watch you dance.

R Huntington

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